SASA R&D Center

SASA R&D Center

SASA R&D Center

SASA’s ability to research, develop and commercialize new products based polyester and PET, which also supports its competitive power, is one of the most critical factors paving the way for our company to success.

Within the scope of the law numbered 5746 on the promotion of research, development and design activities, SASA became entitled to take R&D Center Certificate in November 2018. SASA’s journey in becoming R&D center has begun many years ago. Its first seeds were planted in 2000 and by 2002, a research and development department equipped with robust technology and infrastructure and qualified human resources was established in our factory located in Adana.

Since its establishment, our R&D center maintains activities aimed at developing particularly specialty products that are environment-friendly, sustainable and will create value especially for its customers and for its all shareholders. It also develops new business lines and products in the field of polyester.

We have invested 20 Million Euro for our R&D center since 2000.Our determined attitude to increasingly continue the R&D works is one of the greatest factors for creating world-class technology and products which we aim.

Our R&D Center comprises of

Our R&D Center comprises of

Pilot plants capable of polymer production in small batches,

Small-scale injection machine,

Labs for making research on physical and chemical properties of polymers,

Test devices for specialty polymer,

A technical library having a rich archive on polyester technology and its applications.

We make joint researches together with expert universities and reputable technology institutes in our R&D center. In addition to these, we form strategic cooperation with the distinguished partners on PET technologies, raw materials, process and equipment.

Our R&D center with the highly experienced and expert project teams provides consultancy service on test and technology to domestic and overseas customers in addition to the projects within the company.

Kindly apply to our R&D center to get further information on our R&D facilities and how we can help you for your projects.