Our Fire Safety Systems

Our Fire Safety Systems

Our Fire Safety Systems

We manage our fire safety systems with a young, dynamic and trained team, relying on the philosophy of human-based fire-fighting and automatic detection in our zone of responsibility, which consists of 300.000 m2 of indoor space and 1.000.000 m2 of open space.

Together with the main staff consisting of 11 personnel who work 24 hours in 4 shifts, we have a staff with 32 experienced operating personnel that we call Emergency Response Team.

Our fire personnel have all licenses, certificates and training required by the procedures.

Our Fire Safety System

In addition to the fire truck with such abilities of rescuing from 29 m height and up to 400 kg, rotating its snorkel 360 degrees, spraying 3800 liters of water up to a distance of 90 meters, containing 4 tons of firefighting foam and 2 tons of water reservoir; there are an ambulance, a utility vehicle for emergence response, various extinguishers, fire service equipment and response kits in our vehicle-parking field.

There are fire valves equipped with pressurized water system for every 50, 100 and 150 meters in the field according to its hazard potential.

For the worst scenarios, we have 10.000 tons of two firewater storage tanks that meet the required amount exceedingly, and in our pump station, we have 4 main pumps including 2 electrically driven and 2 diesel pumps, and also a jockey pump. Besides, we also have automatic fire detection and foam extinguishing system in our tank field stored intensely with chemicals.

Periodical maintenance of our vehicles, pump stations, equipment is conducted systematically, the refresher trainings of the personnel are sustained through emergency response practices carried out within year, and fire safety systems can be monitored 24 hours with our computer program.