Vision – Mission



To become polyester production base for Europe, Middle East and Africa and to rank foremost among its competitors in these markets by actuating its largest global polyester facilities at maximum efficiency.

Sustainable Growth

To grow and increase sales and production capacity while protecting its leader position in the polyester staple fiber, filament yarn and polymer industries of Turkey and its near region.

Becoming Well-Known Brand

– To become a company sustaining and increasing its reputation over the world.

– To create a strong brand value.

Implementing Corporate Management Standards

To abide by corporate management principles and implement these.

Being Competitive

– To secure its position among the key players in the targeted markets.

– High Market Share

Embracing an innovative culture

– To expand its portfolio through developing new products and present these innovations to its customers

Being Customer-Oriented

- Customer-oriented organization

- High Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty



To carry out polyester staple fiber, filament yarn and chips production in our facilities with highest safety standards by adopting the principle of working in compliance with global and local ethic values, fulfilling our social responsibilities with an environmental consciousness and making customer satisfaction our first priority.

Values and Principles

- To rigorously abide by the legislations and legal regulations

- To work with environmental consciousness and in compliance with safety and health principles

- To stick to the work ethic principles

- To adhere to the principles of transparency

- To work hard and to value human and its labor